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Hi Beautiful Human!

The Dainty Daisy Detroit aims to support and celebrate who YOU are!  We believe flowers can elevate a space and make THE statement that you and your guests will  never forget. Trusting your florist is a big factor when going through the booking process.  Essentially, we want you to have faith in us and understand that we will listen and deliver exactly what you're looking for.  Another important factor is style.  Our style is modern & whimsical.  Although those are the pillars by which we design, we take your input, inspiration and dreams very seriously when arriving at the end result.  We don't want you to love it- We want you to be obsessed!!!


 With that being said, we can't wait to bump heads and make fairy glitter unicorn cotton candy dreams come true! 

Flower on!


About the Designer

   Hi there! I'm Jaclyn Suchomel, the owner and designer of The Dainty Daisy Detroit.  My first memory of flowers is from my childhood when my younger sister and I would pick the tiny purple buds of the creeping myrtle that grew alongside our old Victorian home in Huntington Woods, MI.  We would suck out the sweet nectar then venture off to make potpourri from found flowers, twigs and sap. 


I went into business for myself as a floral designer after working in the medical field for years.  With that lifestyle, I was stuck in a poor sleep cycle, my creativity was stunted and I was deeply depressed.  I remembered how flowers always had a way of re-aligning me with my authentic self and bringing passion back into my life. Since I had nearly a decade of previous experience working as a florist for another business, I knew a lot already and so I thought "you know what, let's do this thing!", so here I am now.  Working for myself!


When I'm not flowering, you can find me watching reels while drinking coffee on my comfy couch, eating at fun new restaurants with my boyfriend, or cuddling with Winston- the sweetest Golden Retriever you've ever met.  My friends and family would tell you that I'm not good at telling a short story.  It doesn't feel right to leave out even the slightest of details!  And I think that translates into my work. I love floral design because it opens up a space where I can put my heart and soul into a tangible piece of art for myself and my clients!


I can't wait to be your flower girl!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you stay!


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